Memorial Rose Garden 2020
Memorial Rose Garden 2020
Sanctuary 2020
Carl Brick
Josh & Mollie Shrader-Perry
Susanna Wesley 2020
Bob Nixon & Glenda Bridges 201717
Margaret Johnson & Ryan Marshall
Leisa Luke & Diane Cooper
Dianne Adams & Wang
Church Life
Wedding Couple
Jenkins Family Wedding 2019
Wedding Rings
The Appleford's
Piece of Wedding Cake
Katy Wirth & Family 2020
Evan Adams 2020
Danny Jenkins 2020 Grad
Malialani Tufuga 2020 Grad
Conaway 2020
Gustavo Moreno 2020 Grad
Gisela Flores 2020 Grad
Marisa Angulo 2020 Grad
Zack Galvez 2020 Grad
Erika Conaway 2020
Our Graduating Class 2020
In Memory - 2020
Bob Nixon 2020 w/ Carole Nixon
Queen James 2020
Mary Lent 2020 w/ Don Lent
Ginny Walker 2020
Ann Rogers 2020
Marietta Ornelas 2020
George Dayhuff 2020
Ty Van Do 2020
Marlene Sullivan 2020
Carol Callisto 2020
In Memory 2020

In 1962, a small group wanted to organize a Methodist Church in Placentia, California. Residents with a Methodist background were contacted and they held their first meeting in a garage. Since then our church has opened its door to people who seek the Gospel, who reach out to those in need and who enjoy fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ.


2050 Valencia Avenue

Placentia, California 92870

Office Hours: Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday 9am to 1pm

Need prayer?

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Sanctuary 2020

You can see all of the members in the Placentia UMC Sanctuary