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First Time Visitors  & Guests

What time is your worship service?
Our worship service starts at 9:30am every Sunday and lasts until about 10:30am, or occasionally a little longer if we have a baptism, communion, or other special celebration.

Do you have Bible Study/Sunday School? Prayer Service Available?
We offer a Prayer Service in the Sanctuary and meet at 8:00am to 8:30am. We have Bible Study/Sunday School classes before the worship service.  All classes held at 8:30am Sunday mornings in the "Fellowship Hall", unless noted otherwise.


Do you have a Children's Sunday School?

Children have their own Sunday School class. The children meet at 8:30am to 9:15am in the Fellowship Hall. Ages 6 and above are welcomed to join in. Classes are designed to help your child learn and grow as they begin their spiritual walk.

Do you have child care?
Child care for children ages 0-6 is offered during the worship service, in the “orange door” room in our Education Building. If your children are hesitant about leaving you, they are always welcome to stay with you during the service - we’re accustomed to a natural amount of kid-noise!

What happens during church worship?
As you enter the church, a greeter will give you a bulletin that outlines our worship service and lists our weekly church happenings and announcements. Please feel free to sit wherever you feel most comfortable. During the worship service, you will hear music, readings from scripture, prayer, and preaching. At times, you may be invited to stand, sing, pray, greet your neighbor, be in silence, or read in unison.

At all of our services we maintain the Christian tradition of receiving an offering to support the church’s ministries. We welcome your gifts and encourage everyone to live a life marked by generosity. Every gift, of any size, is valued.

Communion Service?

Once a month - on the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and take communion through intinction (this means taking the bread and dipping it into the wine cup—we offer juice instead of wine). Our communion table is open to everyone.

What should I wear?

God does not have a dress code and neither do we! Some people come dressed in their Sunday best. Others wear jeans or shorts. Generally, we are a casually dressed congregation. We believe that God cares more about the state of our hearts than the state of our attire, and encourage you to dress the way that feels most appropriate to you.

What happens after church?
We host a social hour after service in our Fellowship Hall adjacent to the Sanctuary. Come join us and meet other members, we serve coffee and donuts  There is no cost.

Is the church handicap accessible?
Yes. There are several accessible parking spots close to our entrance on Valencia Avenue. We also have accessible restrooms. Please let the church office know if there is any way we can better accommodate your needs.

Where should I park?
The front lot adjacent to Valencia Avenue leads to the front entrance of the Sanctuary. The side lot leads to the Education Building and back entrance of the Sanctuary.

How can I get more information?
You can call the church office at 714-528.1483 and leave a message, or you can email us at

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